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: Useful website references

  1. Accidents - What do do if it all goes pear shaped!
  2. Sparkplug comparison
  3. Seat recovering - my recommendation in Stroud.
  4. Office of Fair trading link
  5. Service specification information for the F650
  6. Auxiliary Lights
  7. F650CS accessories
  8. High Screen options for the F650GS
  9. Torque tables for the F650 models (Not F650GS)
  10. Different seat heights for all the F650 range
  11. Tyre choices for the F650GS and Dakar, F650 Funduro and CS
  12. Specifications of the BMW F650 range
  13. Wunderlich Accessories for the whole F650 range
  14. Online parts fiche for all the F650 range.
  15. Info for touring Ireland courtesy of MAG Ireland
  16. Weather forecasting website link
  17. FREE! 100% performance improvement. (Remove metal plug caps)
  18. Seat repairs
  19. Sprag Clutch replacement instructions.
  20. Wheel & Tyre changing made easier
  21. How to post a link.
  22. chain maintenance
  23. F650 Google maintenance Videos .. (Youtube for 'search')
  24. Useful site for finding parts
  25. Better voltage regulator
  26. Radiator factory
  27. motorworks
  28. Problems with low running speed
  29. Full control - riding skills
  30. f650 service
  31. Whats the best non-BMW lowered seat for a twin 650GS?
  32. GS Bike Hire in Andalucia - Free accommodation
  33. Pothole reporting
  34. Dry bag
  35. Travel Equipment, luggage and getting stuff done to bikes! Zen Overland
  36. Online maintenance guides
  37. Repair and renovation tools and materials
  38. Green laning in Derbyshire
  39. Excellent 2 Days in mid Wales with Tenere Experience
  40. Recommended companies for BMW bits please
  42. BMW parts and accessories website
  43. Carpathian 2 Wheels Guide Book
  44. Road race motors
  45. Forks leaking
  46. Unknown blue plug/connector
  47. How to Contact att email helpline number